Video Production Company Edge Agency Creates Official Music Video For Sub Focus

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As the top drum and bass artists in the UK, it was an honour to work with Sub Focus to create their official UK tour music video.


Sub Focus selects Edge Agency as their official video production company. Having worked closely with Worship Management on other projects for their drum & bass artist division, we were approached to create a new UK tour music video for Sub Focus and their record label Wilkinson. We produced, directed, filmed and edited the ‘Air I Breathe’ music video. The new single is  just one of many collaborations from the duo.

Filming took place during The Warehouse Project Season, a series of live music events in Manchester. The marketing division of Edge Agency were also creating social media content for the promotion.

The production of the music video took place over the 1.5 hour DJ set by Sub Focus. We provided 3 cameras and crew for the filming. We also used a Handycam VHS recorder for a lo-fi DIY look which cut into different scenes of the video. This technique allowed us to experiment with different mediums, which gave a dynamic and visually engaging result.

World-class video production company.


The brief was to create a tour video recap from the show, highlighting the scale of the 10,000 capacity event. We wanted to capture the culture that surrounds the Warehouse Project and the venue, Mayfield Depot, that it sits within. As well as the planning, directing and production, we also created the final edits. The final result has almost 120,000 views, and has received great acclaim from the promoters, artist, ad fans alike.

Air I Breathe is part of Sub Focus’ ‘portals’ album on the Universal Records label. Read more about the tour and album here.

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