Video Production Company Edge Agency Airs Live Stream Show


Video production company Edge Agency facilitate a special collaboration with Twitch and big name brands, creating a live stream show for students.

In partnership with Deliveroo, Hello Fresh, Pot Noodle and drinks brand WKD, our video team had been contracted to produce, film and broadcast the live stream for Twitch. Our crew designed and installed the set. We rigged the lighting, and produced the graphics for the 2 hour live show.

Commissioned by streaming platform Twitch, the show was produced for new students across the UK. The spooky halloween themed show was devised to present big brands to the new student population. The brief was to do this in a fun and interactive way. The live presenters hosted quizzes, competitions and giveaways, encouraging students to message in. There were also street teams out and about. They met with students and presented their prizes. Everything was done in accordance to the current COVID-19 legislations.

The challenges were numerous. Our video production team had to ensure that the execution was flawless from a technical standpoint. As with any live show, things are bound to go wrong. So we needed contingencies for every eventuality. Thanks to meticulous planning and rehearsals, the broadcast was flawless… except from a minor costume malfunction! Cutting to multiple live feeds across the UK was particularly challenging. But our experienced crew made it work seamlessly. During the live stream, animated graphics are displayed on the screen. This was all controlled live by our video production team.

The result

In conclusion, the result was a flawless broadcast. Everything ran smoothly and on cue. There was no interruption to the live stream. The client was extremely happy. As a result, the show generated an audience of over 2800 live viewers. The big brand collaborators are also really impressed with the result.

If you would like to host a live stream, you need the best video production company around. Edge Agency are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but have a national client base. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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