Edge Agency Creates Packaging Design For New Brand In Association with CALM


Edge Agency have been commissioned by men’s hair care and cleansing company Michael Hannah to create their branding and packaging design. Part of the profit from every bottle sold goes to men’s mental health charity CALM. So it was vital we got the concept right and help contribute to such an important cause.


Michael Hannah first approached Edge when they were struggling to find an agency that fully understood their vision. It was clear from our very first discovery session that we could provide the synergy they were looking for. The idea was simple; create a new line of men’s grooming products that incorporated mood-boosting scents. Essential oils like neroli, ylang ylang and even frankincense feature in the product range, and it was our job to bring them to life.

The design process

As with every project like this, we started with an in-depth discovery session so that we could truly understand the mission. We establish what it is they want from their brand, and what they need to achieve. From there we delve into research and development. It’s vital that our creative team fully immerses themselves into the client’s world. This way we can understand the market and how to communicate with the audience.

The next stage was to present a range of style scapes. These mood boards are really useful to demonstrate our ideas to the client. The style, colours, imagery and fonts can all be visualised, gives a clear direction. Once we get concept approval, we move on to generating the logo ideas and brand identity.

A range of logo options were created. We then narrowed down the options to the client’s favourite concepts. The concepts were developed further until and final logo design was decided upon. It was tweaked and finalised, before moving on to the packaging design aspect of the project.

Each product has its own unique characteristics. It was vital that we fully understood the ingredients, scents, benefits and properties of each product. This is where product testing and research comes in really handy. The label and packaging design draw inspiration from the unique qualities of each product, with a uniform design that translates well across different bottle types.

Everyone was extremely happy with the outcome. We were proud to present the complete branding and packaging design deliverables, and the client loves the results. If you have a creative project you’d like us to take a look at, contact us today.

To find out more about the CALM charity visit their website here.

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