Newcastle Video team works with local cycling team for national big brand shoot


Cycle brand Huub invited Edge Agency’s Newcastle video production team to work on a special project.


Huub are celebrating¬† a new collaboration with Ribble Cycles. This is big news in the cycling world, so it’s vital to spread the word and showcase the merger. This collaboration was announced by the formation of a new cycling team. The newly formed Huub Ribble Performance Academy represents the two brands, and coaches aspiring young cyclists. Edge Agency’s Newcastle video team have been awarded the project. So it’s down to us to conceptualise, direct, film and produce a short video series.



Newcastle Video Concept


We created a short film depicting the cycling team making their way through Newcastle city centre. Our Newcastle video team wanted to capture the excitement and speed of the cyclists. This, whilst positioning the Huub Ribble branding directly to the viewer is essential. Filming early in the morning provides beautiful lighting from the sunrise over the city. We captured some dynamic shots and created a unique piece of film, suitable for social media posts.



The artistic film piece features across the social media channels of all the associated brands and partners. And provides a huge reach – direct to the target market. As a result, brand awareness has increased. Applications for the academy has greatly increased thanks to our efforts.

So if your brand needs a video, get in touch today. Our Newcastle video team are ready to help your project.

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