How to promote your business with videos from the top Newcastle video company


As a top Newcastle video company, Edge Agency are here to make sure your business doesn’t miss out.

Video has quickly become the most important marketing tool when it comes to promoting your business. The explosion of social media in recent years means that users’ consumption of video content has dramatically increased. Here’s what it takes to be a top Newcastle video company.

Proper planning

Preparation is key. Our team spends a lot of time planning our video campaigns, whether it’s in-house or for a client. No matter what size of project, the process is still the same. We conceptualise ideas based on the requirements. We then storyboard and plan every single aspect of the shoot down to the finest detail. As a Newcastle video company, we ensure that the actual shoot runs as smoothly as possible, and this is all down to proper planning.

Quality production

We pride ourselves on the quality of our video production, but this isn’t just down to the broadcast quality film equipment that we use. We’re experts in our field, and have the experience to match. From shooting car commercials with Porsche, to producing the latest music video for global artist Example, we have worked on a variety of projects.

Ready to launch?

In today’s flooded social media feeds it’s no good just to post your new video on your Facebook or Instagram page and hope for it to go viral. There are a lot of considerations to make before launching your video. As a Newcastle video company we focus on the audience, and analyse the potential reach. We reach out to our network of influencers and build adverts pre-launch. Once everything is in place, we post the video at a predetermined time, and get our network to share amongst their user base. This approach gives maximum impact straight away, and sustained paid advertising campaigns creates longevity.

If you’re looking for a Newcastle video company contact Edge Agency today to find out more about our exciting production services.

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