The new local SEO rules for 2020 that every business needs to know from the top Newcastle SEO company


We take a look at the new localised SEO rules for 2020 and what that means for Newcastle SEO agencies.


When it comes to helping your business succeed online, localise Newcastle SEO is a vital marketing strategy for any website.

Content is king

When building your Newcastle SEO strategy, the focus should be placed heavily on content. But not just any content. Well written, high quality and relevant copy is key. It pays dividend to hire a professional copywriter who is proficient in creating engaging and exciting articles and blog pieces. Google’s algorithms are getting much smarter, and can identify poorly written content or nonsensical text. Gone are the days of constantly repeating keywords mixed in with a load of random words. Google places the emphasis on the user experience, and they want to make sure the user actually sees content that they are interested in.

Keywords matter

Regardless of industry or sector, picking the most effective keywords is still infinitely important. Google offers a myriad of tools to help you conduct keyword research to pick the most relevant and fruitful phrases for your Newcastle SEO campaign. The Keyword Planner tool is especially useful, as it provides a range of search statistics, as well as keyword alternatives that may be better for your website.

Backend is best

As a Newcastle SEO company, we place a huge focus on the backend set up. This behind the scenes work involves technical aspects including H1 titles,

Backlinks are back

External link building is as important as ever, but Google’s algorithms have become much more strict recently, and there will be a big focus on quality backlinks in the near future.

Keep it local

It’s always good practice to focus on a more localised SEO strategy before rolling out nationwide. This tactic not only helps generate local business more quickly, but also acts as a proof of concept for when you’re ready to go national or even global. If you know your campaign works well in a small catchment area, you can be confident it can be replicated throughout the UK and beyond.

Edge Agency provides a local Newcastle SEO service for both local and national campaigns. Talk to us today to see how we can help boost your website up the rankings.

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