Edge Agency shoots music video for Desert Star

music video production desert star

Edge Agency was approached by artist Desert Star to create their debut music video production ‘Foreign Land’.



Filmed in the desert dunes of Death Valley, the music video production for Desert Star aka Jamie Corbishley was a technically challenging and exciting piece of film to work on.

Desert Star is a popular Indie-Dance group based in Manchester. After a string of hit singles, their record label commissioned the music video production. Our team at Edge Agency conceptualised the shoot, and flew out to Las Vegas to start filming. A shoot like this can take months of planning and preparation.

Inspired by the tracks indie synth-wave sounds, our team took to the desert dunes of Death Valley. After a 6 hour drive into the Nevada Desert from Vegas to Mesquite Flat Dunes, we had to arrive before first light. Driving in the early hours of the morning in a Mustang added to the desert adventure.

Shortly after arriving to the designated location, we started filming at 4am. So the perfect sunrise setting cinematically complements the impromptu-style music video.


Music Video Production

The concept was two shoot scenes. These consist of Jamie running around the sand dunes, dancing and singing the lyrics to Foreign Land. Mixed with a more intimate scene, we projected images that Jamie had captured on his ventures through the ‘Foreign Land’.

The dancing scenes are all completely improvised. As a result, it gives a spontaneous and natural feel. Jamie decided to dance as provocatively as possible. “I’m trying to annoy people back home” he told us. Mirroring the movements of Jonny Depp in his pirate form, or a “drunk Matt Healy” gives a unique quality to the dance.

In addition, the artist was closely involved in the editing process, which makes for a refreshing change. As a result, this hands on approach gives for a much more personal feel.

Check out the video here. The production has over 70,000 views on Youtube and massive exposure on social media.

If you would like to discuss Edge Agency’s music video production services, contact us here today.


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