Launching a new product online: The complete web design guide


When it comes to launching a new product online, the challenges can be daunting. Each aspect of the campaign is vital. These key components include branding, packaging design, web design, marketing strategy and more. Getting just one part of this process wrong can have devastating effects on your product launch.


We look at the process to ensure the best possible chance of success, and use the case study of our client; A Stylist’s Secret, to demonstrate our process.


Assuming that you have a product ready to reveal to the world, the first thing to consider is the logo design and branding. Everything from your packaging to your website will spin off from your logo, so it’s vital to nail it. Consider your audience, A Stylist’s Secret was predominantly aimed at the female market who took pride in their appearance, and more importantly their hair.


Presenting your product in the best possible way is key, it provides a tangible link to your audience, tactile and visual, giving your end user something they want to use or hold. We designed a range of packaging for A Stylist’s Secret, which needed to represent a premium product.

Web design

A website is your sales window to the world. It’s one of the most important aspects of your product launch, and it must be executed right, first time. The last thing you need is for some functionality to fail, or a server overload due to a surge in traffic. You should also consider the fundamentals of the website, making sure it conforms to the best current web practices, is mobile responsive, and can accept online payments.

With A Stylist’s Secret it was important to present the problem that the products addressed, the solutions, and the results. This approach paired with lots of call to action and buying prompts made for a very successful website.


A website is useless if nobody knows about it. There’s whole range of digital marketing strategies to promote your website and drive traffic. Improve your organic search engine ranking with SEO.


Re-marketing is the practice of engaging with an audience you have already captured. This could be in the form of a mailing list that you’ve built, existing customers who have already made a purchase, or followers on your social media. This audience is a potential gold mine if engaged in the right way. So it’s vital to know what they best respond to. It could be discount offers, exclusive access to new products or free samples.


If you need help launching your new product online, get in touch with Edge Agency today.

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