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Results driven PPC in Newcastle

Providing professional PPC in Newcastle - giving your business an instant boost with high conversion rates

Edge Agency provides high-converting PPC in Newcastle. We work with clients from a wide range of sectors, and focus on ROI. Our unique process allows our in-house marketing team to create effective, powerful campaigns that get results.

As part of our multi-channel marketing strategies, PPC in Newcastle is a vital component to helping your brand grow online. Our digital marketing team will guide you through the process, and help with audience identification and budget allocation.

PPC is one of the most powerful and effective marketing techniques you can implement. But if a campaign is not built and run effectively, it could be a very costly exercise. This is why it should be left to the professionals.


How does PPC in Newcastle work?

When it comes to PPC in Newcastle, our process is unique and effective. We start by completing in-depth research and competitor analysis. We then identify your target audience and build a range of demographic profiles. We help you to establish your campaign goals, and build a strategy to achieve the best results. We then proceed to build the adverts. Writing effective copy is an art form and a fine science. Once the budget has been confirmed we allocate funds across your campaign.

Our in-house PPC marketing team build all campaigns from scratch. We use years of experience to build a campaign that will get you the results you need. But an effective campaign needs constant monitoring. We take care bid adjustments, A/B split testing and all other aspects of campaign management.

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