Driving Value

In the UK specifically, there are now 45 million social media users.

Let us help you reach your target audience today on platforms they use daily.

Every day, the average UK based user spends 1 hour 50 minutes scrolling through social media sites.

This may not seem that much if you work in social media, but consider this figure spans across all ages and locations across the country.

Of the 45 million social media users, 39 million are mobile social media users. If you are not optimising your campaigns for mobile, then your content will not be having the desired effect. The UK is very much a mobile-first nation. This opens up vast advertising potential, giving businesses and brands the ability to target a large percentage of the UK population.

We utilise a variety of social platforms to best serve your business needs and goals. Everything from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to Linkedin and Pinterest. Each platform has it’s own merits and benefits that we use to tailor towards your businesses audience.

Our process.

Start your journey today

Research (Day 1-7)

We will review your completed onboarding docs; this can take up to 7 working days.

We will then put together an SLA (Service level agreement) outlining our plans based on the information provided.

This includes payment terms and the duration of the campaign.

Consolidation (Day 8-14)

Once the SLA has been signed and agreed we will put in place a commencement date.

Assuming we have all the required assets we can start your campaign.

If you don’t have these it can take a little longer to have them designed and approved by your team.

Scaling (Day 14+)

Once we have started the campaign, we measure the responsiveness to ensure the goals are being met.

In the early parts this is vital to ensure the best possible result.

If the campaign is performing above expectations , we will come back to you to discuss these options.


Lead Generation

We specialise in ‘cost per lead’ digital marketing. Forget expensive agencies that bamboozle you with confusing ‘advertising’ jargon who expect a long-term retainer contract and then sadly under perform.

In advance of the lead generation campaign starting, we work with you to agree the ‘Lead Qualification Criteria’. This helps ensure that we only generate leads that meet your specific requirements with a lead replacement guarantee.

We sell leads your sales team will love, that also provide you with an instant ROI.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Our PPC drives relevant and targeted traffic to your website by showing ads for your business on social media platforms. We target your specific niche and target demographics to reach your ideal customer type.

When users search for related keywords across the internet they leave footprints, we utilise this information in our targeting and remarketing strategy to reach the most likely customer who is ready to buy your products and services..

We also utilise look a like audiences based on your previous sales date, this helps to build a typical customer profile for your business.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO team help improve your search engine ranking, which results in increased organic traffic to your website. The more visibility your business has, the more hits it’ll get. But we don’t stop there, we work closely with our clients to ensure the user experience helps convert those hits into enquiries, and sales. Hits are worthless without conversion.

With over 10 years of SEO experience, we see incredible success rates for our clients, helping to drive highly targeted and relevant traffic by improving search engine visibility with fully bespoke strategies.

Through in-depth research and competitor analysis we select the best keywords based on potential performance and results, and build a customised SEO package for each client.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing focuses on influential people rather than the target market on social media. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

This method is particularly useful if you want to make a large impact or have a limitation to marketing rules on mainstream advertising platforms.

We have a huge network of influencers, who have a combined reach of over 20 million people to help your brand communicate to bigger/niche audiences to help drive traffic to your website, service or product.

CPI - Cost Per Install

App installs works similar to that of the PPC model with the varying factor focusing on App Installs on IOS and Android. We can focus on niche, customer profiles and look a like audiences based on your current user base. We generate traffic and installs for your applications for a ‘cost per install’ to help grow your connections.

Outdoor & Broadcast

For businesses who want to achieve maximum impact on the ground. We produce content and buy media to deliver and end to end advertising campaign for use on radio, TV, Dax and outdoor media at a budget to suit your business needs.

Edge has partnered with some of the biggest names in media which helps our clients get more from there campaigns.

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