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Working in collaboration with Raptor Marketing, streaming platform Twitch required a full film production solution. The feature includes big name brands such as Deliveroo, Hello Fresh, Pot Noodle, and drinks brand WKD.

The brief was to air a live Halloween special show, aimed at students across the country. The hosts would present live quizzes and cut to street teams located in cities throughout the UK.


Our film production team conceptualised the shoot, created the set, designed on-screen graphics and brought in the equipment to produce this technically challenging shoot.

With the live broadcast it was vital that everything ran smoothly, so a huge amount of preparation and behind the scenes work went into the production. On-screen graphics were animated to interact with the live presenters.


The live stream was watched by nearly 3000 students across the UK. The broadcast was flawless, with only a minor wardrobe malfunction which only added to the comedic value of the show. The client and associated brands were extremely happy with the production.

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"The professionalism, enthusiasm and hard work that the team from Edge Agency brought with them was inspirational. Their creative vision aligned perfectly with our goals, and the end product was fantastic."
Dan Atkinson


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