01 / BRIEF



The challenge was to create the complete brand package for Stack Newcastle, along with print and digital support. With a tight deadline and a brand new identity required, quick working and flawless execution was vital. Visual support was also required for proposal submissions.

02 / Our Solution

After extensive research during our discovery phase, we identified the target audience, analysed the competition, and studied trends in the industry. We generated multiple design concepts and ultimately a finished logo. Further work involved logo design and development of Hadrian’s Tipi.

In order to get the project green lighted by the council, our design team provided visual artwork support to illustrate the proposal documents.

03 / The Results

The final product is a simple yet effective font based logo, designed to be easily recognisable, legible from a distance, and translate well on extra large formats. The A is reversed out, with a container silhouette in its place, pointing upwards to represent the stack of container units.

Thanks to the visual support from our design team, proposal submission to Newcastle City Council was swiftly approved. We designed layouts, created visuals to support written documents, and gave a clear depiction of the proposed construction.

stackArtboard 2
"The branding design work and creative support that we received from Edge was invaluable, and my life would have been very difficult without them!"
Nigel Holiday
Stack Newcastle


Marginal Gains

Branding, Web Design, Social Media & Interior Design


Branding, Web Design, Social Media & Interior Design

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