When Porsche announced the 2019 911 Carrera S, they approached Edge Agency to create a commercial video and supporting photography to showcase the launch.

The Challenge.

The challenge was to create a commercial video to showcase the brand new Porsche 911 Carrera S. The production needed to be broadcast quality and capture the spirit of the new sports car. With so much history and heritage it was vital to please fans of the marque, as well as present it to a new, younger audience.

Commercial Video

The brand new Porsche 911 S needed to be captured in all it’s glory, so it was down to our videography team to storyboard, direct, shoot and produce a showcase commercial.

Using the latest 8K broadcast-quality equipment, our team worked closely with the Porsche garage to achieve the desired shots. Specialist drones were brought in to capture stunning aerial driving sequences, and professional-standard editing produced a highly polished and sharp video which has been highly regarded and extremely well received by all involved in this exciting project. 


As part of the videography project, a full range of editorial shots were required to accompany the release.

Our photography team worked closely alongside the film crew to capture some incredible imagery, without causing any delays in the filming schedule. Using top of the range equipment and automotive photography know-how, the team generated stunning shots suitable for glossy print and web use.

porscheArtboard 2

"The professionalism, enthusiasm and hard work that the team from Edge Agency brought with them was inspirational. Their creative vision aligned perfectly with our goals, and the end product was fantastic."

Dan Atkinson

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