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01 / BRIEF


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Michael Hannah created a new male grooming product range, and approached Edge Agency to help them build the brand.

The company required complete creative direction, along with logo and packaging design, with a specific focus on men’s mental health issues.

02 / Concept

Our creative team set to work exploring every aspect of the product range, and conducted in-depth discovery sessions with the client to identify the audience, establish unique selling points, and define a clear visual identity.

It was our job to identify the audience, build the brand, define the tone and generate all creative copy.

03 / Result

We developed a complete visual identity to help the new product range appeal to the target demographic. The resulting branding, packaging, visuals and copy really puts the product range ahead of the competition. The unique and visually appealing bottle designs make the products stand out.

This is all tied together with the brand guidelines which we developed to help keep all collateral and marketing materials consistent.

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"The team at Edge have done a fantastic job, from our first meeting I was confident to give them complete creative control, and the results have been spectacular."
Paul Bryan
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