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The challenge was to create a website to showcase the exciting PC brand, with a focus on high-end specifications and gaming capabilities. A visual identity needed to be developed to work alongside the existing brand to create an engaging and captivating online presence that resonated with the target audience.

02 / Concept

Our creative team concepted the website design utilising the existing brand guidelines. This ended up with the site using thick fonts with heavy black text and icons. The vivid, contrasting yellow draws the user in, providing subtle touch points throughout the site.

A smooth navigation setup was vital to encourage the user to explore the site was much as possible, and engage with them well enough to encourage interaction with the calls to action strategically placed throughout.

03 / Result

The new website successfully demonstrates the capabilities of the bespoke machines, lists the specifications, and generates incoming enquiries. The redesign has resulted in 135% increased awareness, and a 65% increase in enquiries.

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"We needed a strong foundation to build our new high end PC gaming brand upon. Edge delivered on all aspects"
Kas Malik
Gorilla Gaming


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